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12 Moving and Packing Tips

Moving homes can be a significant undertaking. If you are transitioning from one house to another, these tips and tricks will help make the move as smooth as possible. Aside from tips and tricks, a great real estate company in Panama City Beach can help make moving easy. Our Counts Real Estate experts are in-the-know and can help find your dream home. We have plenty of homes for sale in Panama City Beach to view online.

12 Moving and Packing Tips

12 Moving and Packing Tips 

As with all big projects, planning is essential. Leave enough time in the moving process to incorporate these hacks so you have time to think carefully and ensure you don’t forget anything. Scheduling professional help from moving companies is beneficial. 

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Although it’s tedious and sometimes overwhelming, take the time to declutter. Donate or sell all the things that you don’t want anymore. This reduces how much effort you’ll have to put into packing the things you do want, and you’ll be able to be more organized in the new home.  

2. Make A Moving Day Box

A Moving Day box will be the place to pack things you need to access the day and night of moving before you unpack all the boxes. You and your family may need multiple bags or boxes depending on your needs, but this way you won’t have to go digging in bathroom box #5 to find something you need asap. Toiletries, cleaning supplies, sleeping bags or linens, towels, and toilet paper are a few items most people will need before fully unpacking. 

3. Don’t Pack Multiple Rooms in One Box 

Try to keep items separated by room. If something belongs in the kitchen, have a designated box for the kitchen that it goes in. Same thing for the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. This way, you can put each box in its corresponding room without worrying about items being in the wrong place. 

4. Label Boxes

If a box belongs in the bedroom, label it as such. You can also mark what items are in the box, so you don’t have to wonder. For example, a quick sharpie denoting a box as “master bedroom – clothes” lets you know that it contains the clothes for the master bedroom. However, you can also get more specific. Creating a list to either tape to or write directly on the box could be helpful for spaces like the kitchen, library, or playroom. For example – you could write “Kitchen – blender, rice cooker, air fryer,” or “library – authors a-c.” organizing boxes as you pack them reduces the confusion and hassle of organizing as you unpack. 

5. Utilize Linens and Towels 

To protect fragile items in the move, you can wrap them in linens and towels. This protects dishes from scraping against each other. The added cushion covers breakable items from crashing into other objects. You can even use kitchen towels to wrap up sharp objects like knives (use a rubber band to keep them together and from sliding out). 

6. Distribute Weight 

Make sure as you pack that heavier items are on the bottom and lighter objects are on top. Check whether each box is an appropriate weight, whether you are moving independently or hiring someone else. On the truck, heavier items should be on the bottom and towards the front of the moving truck for balance. 

7. Tape Boxes Well 

The last thing you want is to open the moving truck only to find out that all of your boxes have burst open or open as you are carrying them into the house. All that packing and planning will be for nothing if your boxes aren’t taped well.

8. Unpack Essentials First 

If you have items you know you’ll need almost immediately, either in a separate box or your moving day kit, unpack those first. This way, you can shower and sleep properly so you’re refreshed for unpacking. 

9. Remove The Choice to Delay Unpacking

Unpacking is a long and tiring process. If you empty a box onto your bed or bathtub, you’ll be forced to put those items away. 

10. Take Pictures of Rental Spaces

Before putting the first personal item in an apartment or rented home, take pictures. If there are damages, you’ll have proof to show the owners that it wasn’t your fault. This tactic has kept a lot of people from having to pay a damage fee. 

11. Deep Clean the New Home

This may be a more challenging task if you are moving across states or internationally, but try deep cleaning while there isn’t any furniture in the way. How often do you pull the fridge out to mop or move the couch to vacuum? Starting on a deep-cleaned home tackles potential dirt problems from being hidden by furniture. 

12. Try to Have Fun

As daunting as moving can be, try to make the process fun. Create a game with the kids to see who can unpack the fastest. Play your favorite music and dance through the process. There are many ways to create a fun atmosphere, and a positive attitude goes a long way. 

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